I honestly don’t know why i’m telling you guys this but i think Zombies are awesome. Absolutely love them, and i have some type of film-fetish for zombie movies. Zombie games like Left 4 dead or resident evil. My favorite movies are all about Zombies, The walking dead, Zombieland, and 28 Days/weeks later.

 “Just waiting for Zombie-porn to come, damn does that make me a necrofile”?

Oops I take that back haha. No seriously and now when they have made a Zombie tv-series about my home town Atlanta, GA. You know I died and came back to life! My goal in life is to join the yearly Toronto Zombie Walk, where hundreds dress up as the living dead and walk the streets of Toronto.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2010

Zombie survival Guide

Trust me i’m ready for the apocolypse.

Zombies Have Feelings

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