Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon logoIt’s not often that a video game makes me laugh out loud, but Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon had me giggling like a schoolgirl. It’s ridiculous, it’s funny, it’s lewd, but most of all it’s bloody good fun.

What I like most is that the game doesn’t take itself seriously for a moment, and it’s not above poking fun at other games too. My favourite moment was when Rex, the ‘cyber commando’ you play, finds one of the many collectible TVs scattered across the island and remarks “At least it’s not a f**king feather” in a sly dig at a certain other Ubisoft franchise with a penchant for inane collecting. There are plenty of other amusing quips from Rex throughout: at one point he’s tasked with a ‘mission’ to kill a mutant cassowary with only a pistol, prompting the remark “That doesn’t even make SENSE!”

However, despite the clear aim…

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