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Marley. (Trailer)


In case you didn’t know, the Oscars were on last night. As an Annoying Film Person, you’d think I would be glued to the TV for this austere, once-a-year event. I was not. In fact, I didn’t even watch the whole show.

2011 cinema left me lackluster. Sure, there were a few films I loved – The Tree of Life, Drive, Hugo – but I mostly feel underwhelmed. Where the films at?! The awards show itself held no surprises for me – The Artist and Hugo racked up. There weren’t even any really spectacular dresses to look at, and sometimes that’s half the fun for me (I’m a girl, y’all). The best moments were any time anyone cried (I’m a sucker for tears) and Christopher Plummer. He is like, the best looking 82-year-old man I know. And I don’t even actually know him. And he was once-upon-a-time Captain Von Trapp. Check yes.

However, all my…

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I honestly don’t know why i’m telling you guys this but i think Zombies are awesome. Absolutely love them, and i have some type of film-fetish for zombie movies. Zombie games like Left 4 dead or resident evil. My favorite movies are all about Zombies, The walking dead, Zombieland, and 28 Days/weeks later.

 “Just waiting for Zombie-porn to come, damn does that make me a necrofile”?

Oops I take that back haha. No seriously and now when they have made a Zombie tv-series about my home town Atlanta, GA. You know I died and came back to life! My goal in life is to join the yearly Toronto Zombie Walk, where hundreds dress up as the living dead and walk the streets of Toronto.

Toronto Zombie Walk 2010

Zombie survival Guide

Trust me i’m ready for the apocolypse.

Zombies Have Feelings

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Fogs' Movie Reviews

January and February are behind us now… this weekend marks the start of the 2012 Spring Movie Season!

While it doesn’t quite have the huge blockbusters of the Summer or Holiday seasons, March has turned into quite a nice month on the Hollywood release calendar. There’s plenty of big budget flicks and star vehicles to look forward to, and it all kicks off this weekend with “The Lorax”!

Click through and see what’s in store between now and the 2012 Summer Movie Season!

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