Category: Insult

Me: “Hey.”

Me: “Hey.” *2 HOURS LATER* Them: “Hi.” ……..No, it’s too late. I don’t wanna talk to you anymore.

Talk is cheeeeeeap

Talk is cheeeeeeap, that’s why everyone can afford it.

We aren’t dating, but when I see someone else flirting with you, I just wanna punch them in the face.

‘Are you mad at me?’

‘Are you mad at me?’ Nooooooooo, I’m actually happy that you broke my heart and hurt me..

I don’t hate you… but if you were hurt really badly and I had the phone to call an ambulance, I’d order pizza.

If you’re talking behind my back

If you’re talking behind my back, you’re in a good position to kiss my ass!

I’m not your second choice nor your backup plan. So don’t text me when you’re bored.

Fact: You Can Breathe Fast And Hard While Your Tongue Is Out And Your Mouth Is Open

PS: Good Boy. Now Roll Over 😉 😛



Gf : Am I Pretty Or Ugly?

Bf : You Are Both


Gf : What Do Yu Mean Both ?


Bf : You Are Pretty Ugly



Girl : What Are You Doing ?

Boy : Im Talking With My Angel Now :S

Girl : Aww , Do U Know That You Are So Sweet ?

Boy : Yes , Ohhh But My Angel Just Signed Off So Im Talking With Yu Now !! 😛

Girl : Aaaargh ><