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In between, you have to manage.

You are loved, when you are born;
You are loved, when you die;
In between, you have to manage.

Life without you is like

Life without you is like; Twitter without followers, Youtube without videos, FaceBook without Likes and Google with no results.

What’s the difference between your and my smile?
U smile when you are happy and I smile when you are happy.

So I don’t know what to say

Sooo.. = I don’t know what to say but I don’t want to stop talking to you.

When a girl says “It’s okay”

When a girl says “It’s okay”, “I’m fine” or “Don’t worry about it”. It’s not okay, she’s not fine & you should definitely worry about it.”

Sometimes, you end up losing yourself trying to hold onto someone who doesn’t care about losing you.

Dreaming of u makes my night worth while. Thinking of u makes me Smile. Having u is the best thing ever & Loving u is what I plan to do forever

Favorite and hardest

“I Want To Be His Favorite

And His Hardest

Dictionary Says That
‘Open’ And ‘Close’ Are Opposites,

Life Teaches That We Are “Open”Only With Those,
With Whom We Are “Close” 🙂

It Is Sad
When You Realize
You Are Not As Important
To Someone
As They Are To You!