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It’s a trap

Santa was watching a movie at home and suddenly shouts “Noooo! Don’t get off the horse! It’s a trap..!”
Jeeto: What are you watching?
Santa: Our wedding DVD.

Santa-What Is Difference
Between COFFEE Shop & WINE
Banta-COFFEE Shop Is The
Starting Point Of LOVE & WINE
Shop Is Last Point Of LOVE

Interviewer: Just imagine, you are on the 3rd floor and it catches fire, how will you escape?
Santa: It’s simple! I will stop imagining!

Santa talking 2 his son

Santa talking 2 his son, Pappu: U should never lie. One lie begets another lie; then another lie; and b4 U realise it, U become a lawyer.

Preeto: Dancing is in my blood.
Banta: It means your blood circulation is poor, it has not reached your feet yet.

Preeto: Long hair make a man look so intelligent.
Jeeto: I found one on Santa’s coat the other night, and he looked darned foolish.

Santa: Today is a fine day.

Santa: Today is a fine day.
Annoyed Jeeto: Why do you keep saying, `Today is a fine day` everyday?
Santa: You had said once that, `One Fine Day, I`ll leave this house`.

Santa: I am feeling that I have got bird flu.
Banta: How do you know?
Santa: I feel like flying today.

Gal: I think the poorest people are the happiest.
Banta: Then marry me and we’ll be the happiest.

Santa has to sell his dog. Banta wants to buy it.
Banta: Is this dog faithful?
Santa: Yes, I have sold it 3 times earlier also. It is so faithful, every time it returned to me.