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When I clicked the ‘play’ button I was not sure what to expect. A long list of possible protagonist’s came to my mind. Chris, Jill, or maybe they would acknowledge the movies and Alice would take the lead. Imagine my horror when that familiar bowl cut came into view.

In RES6 the town of Tall Oaks has gone bat shit crazy and all that stands between them and total annihilation is, you guessed it, Leon S. Kennedy. The first 30 seconds of the trailer are spent watching Leon twirl like a ballerina and talk to some blonde woman who will without a doubt have to be escorted from place to place a shoved into dumpsters for “safe keeping”. I was so disgusted that I almost closed the tab completely but then something bad ass happened.

Chris Redfield is also in the game and it would seem he is used in a main part…

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The latest trailer from the upcoming Max Payne 3 was released a couple of days ago and if you wasn’t looking forward to it before now then you must be tapped in the head !

Although this trailer makes me interested in the game it wad this trailer that made me NEED the game.

I love how rockstar advertise their games and belive that the technical adverts sell the game far better than any movie type trailer, maybe its just guys need for stats and figures that does it but rockstar used the same style for advertising their western style game Red Dead Redepmtion and it just makes my jaw drop, I would love to see more adverts from Rockstar like this because it makes me truly excited for their releases.



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There’s No Tomorrow

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In short… the myths of ever expanding economies and limitless growth are just that myths. It doesn’t matter where you borrow your resources to fuel growth the simple fact is we WILL be running out of most of the resources that have powered our global economy quite possibly in our lifetime.

The current financial crisis will be a lot MORE devastating then we are being lead to believe. The simple fact is… unrelenting debt to power an unrealistic global economy will be our ultimate demise.

You can’t borrow against a future that has already been spent.

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The UnpaidGamers

Gamistry proudly announced today the release of their new iOS title Munch Time.

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The UnpaidGamers

Batman: Arkham City Lockdown App – free update available now!


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